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Adam Attia Profile Picture

Adam Attia

Adam is the owner of Fitness Rangers. He has created a fitness program that produces maximum results in minimal time. It will push you to your absolute physical limit. His philosophy, which has been developed over the past decade in the fitness industry, revolves around dynamic innovative movements that constantly challenge the body’s musculature system.

Specialized Skills: Plyometric conditioning, Flexibility Training, Weight loss, Dynamic fitness

Certifications: BS, Ace CPT, Crossfit Level 1

Bobby Best Profile Picture

Bobby Best

Bobby has participated in a variety of different sports throughout his life. He has competed in Division 1 Football and Track & Field at Cal Poly -San Luis Obispo. He obtained his degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science. While at Cal Poly he was a Strength & Conditioning coach for the athletic department. He has designed exercise programs for runners, swimmers, team athletes, and MMA fighters. Bobby’s drive comes from helping individuals succeed in obtaining their specific training and exercise goals.

Specialized Skills: Strength Training, Speed & Agility, Sport Specific Training, Conditioning, Mobility

Certifications: BS Kinesiology, CSCS

Blake Spurlock Profile Picture

Blake Spurlock

Blake’s passion for athletics and combat sports began when he started Tae Kwon Do and Judo at an early age. He is enthusiastic about the strength, conditioning and positive state of mind required to compete in combat sports. He is currently studying in the art of traditional boxing as well as working towards an undergraduate degree in Nutrition. As a trainer and athlete, Blake stresses the importance of proper nutrition combined with a positive attitude to accentuate the results from consistent exercise that make for a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Specialized Skills: Fitness Boxing, Strength & Conditioning, Nutritional Guidance, Weight Loss

Certifications: NSCA CPT

Cecily Basques Profile Picture

Cecily Basques

Cecily Basques has been weightlifting for about three years, but her athletic career started when she was only two years old. As a competitive dancer, Cecily found her love for sports and fitness at very early age. Over the years, Cecily has played several sports including softball, basketball, volleyball as well as multiple styles of dance. Throughout college, Cecily focused on volleyball, but eventually began Olympic weightlifting and coaching full time. She is currently pursuing a degree in Recreation Parks & Management from Sacramento State University

Specialized Skills: Olympic Lifting, Strength Training, Sport Specific Training

Certifications: USAW Lvl. 1 Sports Performance Coach

Chris Nichols Photo

Chris Nichols

Chris has found the love for athletics since the age of 10. Competing has always been in his nature. Growing up Chris participated in baseball, football and track & field. After discovering the BFS (Better, Faster, Stronger) Program as a child, he has truly appreciated the importance of Strength & Conditioning. The program also taught him the importance of accountaibilty and the will to never quit. While attending Woodcreek High School in Roseville, he was a two-way athlete in both football and track. After high school Chris played semi-pro football for 3 years for the NCAFF and PCFL. Chris has found a passion for fitness and encouraging individuals to reach for limits they did not even know were possible. Seeing clients achieve their goals and exceed their expectations is truly gratifying for him.

Specialized Skills: Strength & Conditioning, Speed & Agility, Plyometric Training

Certifications: NSCA CPT, TRX Level 1


Conor Giguiere

Conor has been immersed in the fitness world for the past 10 years, delving into everything from yoga to mixed martial arts. A high school football injury temporarily put a halt to his athletic pursuits, but after a friend recommended a CrossFit class, Conor developed an eagerness to master the mechanics associated with strength training and conditioning. Not only did he effectively rehabilitate his back, but he also developed a greater understanding of how to perform fitness elements that mimic the core movements of life. 
What started as a hobby has become both a passion and lifestyle. Conor’s approach to training revolves around the principle that being in the gym should be fun, and ultimately, a way to manage stress with positivity. His workouts are based on functional movements that reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weight lifting, running, rowing, and more. He has been training professionally for the past three years. One of his primary ambitions is to help those he works with achieve their fitness goals and enjoy this optimum form of human expression. 
Certifications:  TRX Certified, CrossFit Level 1. Pursuing NASM Certification
Specialized Skills:  CrossFit Training, Olympic Weight Lifting, Power Lifting, Gymnastics & Nutritional Programming
Gabe Lemon Photo

Gabe Lemon

Since the age of 8, Gabe has participated in sports such as basketball, track, baseball and football. His athletic background was able to give him an opportunity to have a promising career in athletics. With a promising high school football career, Gabe went to achieve his collegiate career by playing defensive back at San Diego State University. After graduating from San Diego State with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and a minor in Graphic Design. There was a minor setback in his collegiate career due to injury. Gabe now emphasizes his career in becoming dedicated to fitness and strength. He has become heavily active in strengthening his knowledge regarding athletic performance and has applied the necessary attributes of achieving higher learning within the fitness world. He devotes his time and effort into helping people achieve their personal goals physically and mentally. He believes no matter what age, size or setback you may have, there is always an opportunity for a comeback in gaining a healthy lifestyle.

Specialized Skills: Strength & Conditioning, Sport Specific Training, Speed & Agility Training, Metabolic Training

Certifications: CPR, NASM CPT, BA Sociology

Gina Shoemaker Profile Picture

Gina Shoemaker

Gina has 11 years experience as a dance and fitness instructor, including one-on-one and group training. Gina has an explosive and contagious personality and when you take her class or receive personal instruction, you get a whole body as well as a brain workout. Gina is passionate about getting and staying in shape. She has successfully transformed her own physic – dropping 60+ pounds while gaining strength and confidence. To her it’s not about being “skinny” but about being “strong.”

Specialized skills: All forms of dance, Zumba, Pound, Barre, Spin and Strength Training

Certifications: BA Dance, Zumba certified, Pound certified, Spin certified, Barre certified

Heather Van Sickle Profile Picture

Heather Van Sickle

Heather has been an athlete her entire life. She started with endurance horse racing with her parents, a sport that consists of races up to 100 miles an completed in less than 24 hours. She then started running half marathons with her father, which soon turned into marathons and ultra marathons. She has dabbled in triathlon & Ironman competitions including Kona & World Championships. In 2009 Heather started bike racing and has not looked back. She currently bikes on an elite level women’s team. Fall of 2012 Heather and her husband Judd welcomed their baby girl, Autumn into their lives! Only five months after Autumn was born Heather was back bike racing. Heather has been a personal trainer for seven years. Her energy and enthusiasm for health and fitness radiates everyone around her! She doesn’t talk the talk Heather walks the walk!

Specialized Skills: Weight Loss, Functional & Dynamic Movement

Certifications: AFPA CPT, Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant

Jake Baker Profile Picture

Jake Baker

Jake’s fervor for athletics and fitness originated with long distance running. After moving on to kickboxing and combat sports, Jake became obsessed with strength and conditioning training. An avid Olympic weight lifter and power lifter, Jake continues to educate himself in all areas of fitness. Throughout college, Jake competed in track and field events as a hammer thrower and short distance sprinter while developing his passion for athletics. As he pursues his degree in bio-mechanical engineering, Jake’s motivation stems from an excitement in helping others achieve their goals.

Specialized Skills: Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting, Speed Training, Mobility, TRX Fitness & Strength Training

Certifications: USAW Lvl. 1 Sports Performance Coach, U.S. Army Combatives Lvl 1. Certified

Jonathan Sanz Profile Picture

Jonathan Sanz

After spending most of his life playing soccer in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jonathan moved to the United States in 2006 to study at San Francisco State University where he graduated with a B.S. in Kinesiology. He graduated with cum laude honors while playing Division II Soccer. He enjoys training in martial arts and working in physical therapy during his free time. His passion for sports & fitness mixed with his positive attitude drives him to help people reach their fitness goals. He has been both training & teaching bootcamps for the past 4 years. He is currently working towards his Master’s at UC Davis.

Specialized Skills: Weight Loss, Metabolic Conditioning, Core Stability, Sport Specific Training

Certifications: B.S. Kinesiology

Rebecca Dinaburg Profile Picture

Rebecca Dinaburg

With over 20 years in the fitness industry, Rebecca has developed a unique, innovative and challenging approach to Barre that will demand unparalleled results. Rebecca’s experience includes owning her own Bikram Yoga studio in Monterey, teaching Spinning, Aerobics, strength training and Hatha Yoga. As a mother of 3 little ones, Rebecca understands the importance of a challenging yet efficient workout, all while having fun in a dynamic group setting. After living in San Francisco for the past 10 years and teaching Barre and Yoga in some of San Francisco’s most acclaimed facilities, Rebecca has moved to Sac to bring a fresh and exciting approach to Barre at Fitness Rangers!

Specialized Skills: Barre, Yoga, Strength Training, Group Exercise

Certifications: Barre Instructor, AFAA Group Exercise, Schwinn Spinning, Hatha Yoga Alliance

Kristen Wentworth Profile Picture

Kristen Wentworth

For twelve years Kristin was a nationally ranked synchronized swimmer, which ignited her passion for health and fitness. After she retired, she continued to coach the team she swam for and take them to several national competitions. She is currently studying nutrition at Sacramento State University and plans on graduating with a B.S. in Dietetics. Kristin likes to focus, as much on nutrition as well as fitness to achieve the goal her clients want to achieve.

Certifications: NASM CPT, NASM CES


Samm Haden

Samm began her interest in fitness and pushing her body to the limits as a competitive gymnast as a child and has continued to learn and love the way working out makes her feel like an adult. Whether it’s wakeboarding, snowboarding, dancing, spinning, cross training or doing Yoga she loves to move and challenge herself every day. She is a huge believer that variety is key to optimal health and feeling your best. After four years of managing the training department at Yelp, she decided to change her career path to her original passion for fitness training.

Specialties: Weight loss, Strength and Conditioning, Spinning, and Yoga

Certifications: NASM CPT, RYT 200 Yoga Instructor, Spinning, TRX Functional Training, CellWellBeing

Megan Fitzgerald Profile Picture

Megan Fitzgerald

As a former competitive soccer player, exercise has always been a way of life for Megan. Graduating from San Francisco State University with a B.S. in Kinesiology, Megan was determined to share her passion and knowledge for exercise and make a difference in peoples lives. While at SF State, she performed research with UCSF to implement safer and more effective physical activity programs within the Bay Area’s school systems. In addition, her background in healthcare as a Physician Assistant provides her with the knowledge to create and implement safe exercise regimens that challenge her clients while accommodating any injuries. Megan is passionate about training because she loves working with and motivating those who want their best shot at a balanced, healthy life. Most of her time outside of the gym is spent working as a Physician Assistant, hiking, and traveling the world.

Specialized Skills: Soccer training, strength training, weight loss, metabolic conditioning

Certifications: B.S. Kinesology, NSCA – CSCS, Masters of Health Services, Certified Physician Assistant

Scott Estrada Profile Picture

Scott Estrada

Scott Estrada, CPT/CNC, has been coaching and consulting in the field of human performance for over 25 years with an emphasis on longevity science, brain optimization, anti-aging strategies, disease prevention and superfood nutrition. He is the health/nutrition coach for StandUp Paddle Magazine and the sister magazine for women’s balance and empowerment in the SUP world, Samata. His published articles address the most nutrient dense foods and how to use them daily for optimal performance. He coaches people across the spectrum from elite athletes to people dealing with all kinds of disease states. He recently co-founded WholeHearted Juice Company, in Sacramento, a cold-pressed, 100% organic curator of locally sourced produce to deliver the best nutrient dense juice, nut/seed milk and tonic blends directly to where you live, work and play. He is excited to be a part of the Fitness Rangers team.

Certifications: CPT, CNC


Trevor Hubby

Trevor has always had a passion for athletics that began at a very young age. Growing up, Trevor played countless sports including football, wrestling, and track. Throughout high school, Trevor was a three sport athlete where he earned many awards for his accomplishments. He went on to compete at Chabot Community College as a multi-event track and field athlete. After two years, Trevor received his AA degree and transferred to California State University, Sacramento. Trevor is now currently competing as a NCAA Division I Track and Field javelin thrower, while perusing a degree in communications and minor in business administration. Trevor believes in the idea of giving back and hopes to inspire and help as many people as possible to achieve their athletic or fitness goals. 

Specializations: Strength & Conditioning, Sports Specific Training, Mobility, TRX, Olympic Lifting
Certifications: NSCA – CPT, TRX Level 1

Tony Mikla

Tony Mikla is a sports physical therapist and performance coach. His practice is dedicated to the improvement of his clients’ performance in life and on the field. Dr. Mikla speaks and teaches nationally on sports physical therapy and is active in research having published multiple papers in international journals. He previously served as the Physical Therapy Manager at the world renowned EXOS in Phoenix, AZ, working with best athletes in the world. He is adjunct faculty in PT at Sacramento State University and Northern AZ University. In 2015, Tony was named a finalist for the NSCA Sports Medicine Specialist of the year.

Specialized Skills: Physical Therapy, Performance Enhancement, Movement Specialist, Speed and agility, return to play from knee and shoulder injuries.

Certifications: Doctor of PT, CSCS*D, XPS, FMS, SFMA, CertDN, Cert PBFR


Aaron Howse

Aaron developed his passion for fitness while training for high school football and basketball.  During college he played Division 1 football at Fresno State and graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Evolutionary Biology.  He plans to continue his education in a physical therapy program.  Multiple stints at rehab centers and a season with the Sac Republic FC medical team has given him a strong background in injury prevention.  His fitness approach emphasizes functional exercises that enhance your ability to move and react in new situations.  Currently, he trains for alpine style climbs throughout the Sierras and loves promoting an active lifestyle for all individuals no matter what level they are starting.

Specializations: Sports-Specific Training, Mobility, Strength Training, Corrective Exercise
Certifications: NSCA – CSCS, FMS

Russel Jordan

Russell specializes in weightlifting, strength and conditioning, movement mechanics, and rehab. He has trained alongside professional athletes, olympians, and high level coaches. He loves and believes there is no one way to be fit, you just have to find the one that fits you best. He is a Davis native who recently moved back to the area. Russell enjoys all sports, he currently competes in Olympic weightlifting and hopes to qualify for Nationals in 2018.

Specializations: Kettlebell, Functional Fitness & Mobility, Bodyweight, Sports Specific, Strength & Conditioning, Olympic Weight Lifting, Power Lifting, and Physique/Figure Training.
Certifications: USAW 1 Sports Performance Coach

Austin Clark

Austin competed in numerous sports growing up; including football, track & field, basketball, baseball and soccer. Throughout high school, Austin was a three sport athlete. He is currently a player and team captain for the Sacramento State Football Team and recently graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in strength & conditioning. He will continue playing football while he pursues his Master degree in Business. With a wide range of knowledge on both the mind and body,  Austin is determined to help those around him achieve his fitness goals.

Specializations: Strength & Conditioning, Speed & Agility, Sports Specific, Metabolic Training
Certifications: BA Kinesiology

Joe Delmonaco

Since growing up in Connecticut,  Joe’s life passions have been health and fitness. A college athlete, Joe was an Outside Linebacker and started working as a personal trainer at 18. After he graduated, he continued his career as a Fitness Coach in Fort Lauderdale which sparked his interest in group training. Through his 11 years of experience, Joe has learned that often people don’t realize how much they are truly capable of. Joe enjoys motivating people to push harder than they ever thought possible.

Specializations: Weight loss, muscle gain, nutrition, form and technique
Certifications: B.S. Human Performance, C.S.C.S.

Claire Alano

Claire started as a dancer learning multiple disciplines such as jazz, ballet, and hip-hop. Her love for dance eventually brought her to the fitness world where she began teaching barre in a small studio located in El Dorado Hills. After a few years, she fell in love with another exercise, indoor cycling. While her style of cycling is a little different, it is super high energy and can be described as “Zumba + on the bike + in the club” where members ride to the beat of the music in a dark and loud club-like atmosphere and follow specific choreography. Claire continues to teach dance, barre, and cycling in the Sacramento region making this her full-time job and career. She is super excited to be a part of the FR team!

Specialized Skills: Barre, Indoor Cycling, Strength Training

Certifications: AFAA Group Exercise, Qualification in TRX, Specialization in G.E.A.R Indoor Cycling


Shannon Coughlin

Shannon has years of experience working at a Crossfit gym in the Sacramento area. She taught various classes with a big focus on Olympic weightlifting. She also has experience working as a training coordinator, event and office manager. She is passionate about health and fitness and is excited to help you achieve your fitness and Olympic Weightlifting goals. She currently teaches many of our Barbell classes here at Fitness Rangers.

Specialized Skills: CrossFit Training, Olympic Lifting, Strength Training

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1