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  • Testimonial: Jessie Monnier

    Today, we’re highlighting Jessie, AKA ‘Air Force’, who has been coming to FR since the very beginning! She has always…

  • Staff Spotlight: Megan Turvey

    Megan’s passion for fitness started with long distance running in college, which quickly evolved in to an obsession with weightlifting.…

  • Building a Stretching/Foam Rolling Routine

    Everyone can probably add more stretching and soft tissue work like foam rolling into their day. The problem is that…

  • Staff Spotlight: Tony Mikla

    Tony Mikla is a sports physical therapist and performance coach. His practice is dedicated to the improvement of his clients’…

  • Staff Spotlight: Annie Latta

    Annie’s passion for bodywork derived from her mother, who is also a massage therapist. She began to pursue her passion…

  • Bobby Best Profile

    Burn Calories in a Crunch

    I know when a lot people get into the gym, they are confused about what exercises to do, especially if…

  • Testimonial: Grant Zehnder

    It may sound cliche, but there is no substitute for hard work. If someone tells you they have the “secret”…

  • Testimonial: Samantha Sandoval

    I have been coming to Fitness Rangers for a little over 4 years now. I remember when I first started…

  • Staff Spotlight: Chris Nichols

    Chris started here at Fitness Rangers working the Front Desk. He has grown to become a certified personal trainer. Chris…

  • Scott Estrada Profile

    Stay in the Game: Support Strong Immunity

    Probiotics Billions of friendly bacteria that live happily in our internal environment mainly in our gut that help keep the…