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Fitness Rangers encourages and empowers recruits of all levels in a welcoming group setting to achieve their best possible results. Located in East Sacramento, we offer state-of-the-art gym and training facilities, multiple bootcamp classes each day, on-site personal training, barre, boxing, kickboxing, and childcare. A dynamic fitness experience for achieving measurable results.



The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.” – Moliere

Yes, you will see rapid results. Yes, you will be sore after the first few classes. And yes, you’ll see some major results in little time. Barre classes are incredibly effective at transforming so-called ‘problem’ areas, especially for women.

Barre is a non-impact total body workout that targets the lower body, glutes and thighs – the muscles that play the biggest role in body transformation. By zeroing in on specific muscle groups with isometrics and high repetitions, we will create long, lean, defined muscles.

By experiencing our 50-minute, fast-paced class 2-4 times weekly, you should notice changes in as little as one month. Changes include improved posture, losing inches (going down sizes), core strength (flatter abs), a lifted seat and leaner thighs.

*Socks are required for class and available for purchase at our Front Desk.

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Fitness Rangers Bootcamp – voted ‘Best Workout in Sacramento’ by Shape Magazine.

We will work you harder than you can imagine. We will have fun. You will do more in one hour than most people do in an entire week of workouts. We are here to push you far beyond what you think you are capable of. We are not going to demean you or embarrass you. We are here to motivate you, encourage you and see you achieve amazing results that you couldn’t – or wouldn’t – get on your own. And, you will leave each class with a sense of accomplishment.

We begin with a dynamic warm-up designed to elevate core temperature and increase flexibility, preparing you for the strenuous, circuit-training workout to come. The exercises are fast paced and military-style which help you build muscle, burn fat, develop core strength and flexibility all while increasing your cardiovascular ability. The results are astounding! Two hours a week of circuit training is more effective than 5 hours a week of sustained cardio.

We have many ways of accommodating all fitness abilities. Most exercises in our bootcamp utilize your own body weight allowing you to develop tremendous core strength to become more proficient accomplishing life’s daily tasks.

Together we will achieve much more than one ever would on their own. We will do the workouts with you and will not ask you to do anything you are not capable of. The results and your fitness level will dramatically increase because of this teamwork component.


*Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to fill out a PAR-Q/health history form.

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Boxing / Kickboxing

This program is for anyone seeking high intensity training with noticeable results. 

Boxing is one of the most legendary combat sports in the world. The physical conditioning and mental integrity required to perform such a demanding sport cannot be measured. We have taken some of boxing’s traditional exercises and mixed them with modern equipment and techniques to bring you Fitness Rangers Boxing Bootcamp.

Anyone is capable of participating in this class from the weekend boxing warrior to the first timer. Exercises and techniques will be thoroughly explained and instructors will be on hand to help with any questions you have along the way.

Starting with a warm-up designed to elevate the heart rate while simultaneously teaching you coordination and developing the internal rhythm it takes to get your muscles accustomed to the fluidity of boxing, fundamentals will be taught at the beginning of each class so everyone will be able to learn and master the basics. Your cardio and muscular endurance will be tested and developed to a new level in our state-of-the-art Turf facility. We will work in teams to perform boxing-specific conditioning drills.

Boxing Bootcamp is a fun and efficient way of burning calories while learning a new skill. You will feel empowered throughout the entire experience and will leave drenched in sweat and feeling great.

** For Boxing classes please make sure that you come prepared with boxing gloves & hand wraps.
Fitness Rangers sells both of these items. Please call for size availability.

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“Give me five square feet and an able body, I’ll give you the best workout of your life.”
– Fitness Rangers owner, Adam Attia

Our state-of-the-art gym facilities offer 8,000 square feet of gym space specializing in functional movement. Our wide array of fitness equipment and programs are designed to keep your body and your mind working in peak condition.

We offer cardiovascular and resistance equipment including treadmills, exercise bikes, rowers, and ellipticals. Additionally, you’ll have access to free weights, kettle bells and bands to complete your resistance training.

For your convenience, we have beautiful, clean locker rooms and showers. Towel service is also available for both working out and showering.

We also offer child care services for those with Little Rangers. The cost is $4 for up to an hour. Please make sure you check in with the front desk prior to your class to ensure we have child care available.



“The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare.” – Juma Ikangaa

Our elite athletic and conditioning facility has the most innovative and results-driven equipment to help athletes of any level achieve optimal performance.

You will work with our National Strength and Conditioning Association-certified trainers who have extensive training/coaching experience at the collegiate level (NCAA Div I). Our workouts can be geared for individuals preparing for a specific race/event or for an entire sports season.

  • Olympic weightlifting platforms with rubber weights
  • Free weights
  • Vertimax trainer
  • Plyometric/agility equipment
  • Medicine balls
  • Kettlebells

Group performance classes are available (large or small) for teammates interested in training for their season together.

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We make it easy to work out hard. HIIT is a comprehensive class that focuses on mobility,  overall strength & high intensity interval training. Learn foam rolling, stretching techniques, weightlifting progressions, calisthenics and metabolic conditioning.

Sports Specific Training – Our performance facility has the most innovative and results-driven equipment to help any athlete of any level achieve their full potential in their sport.

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Rugby
  • Softball
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
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Yoga / Pilates

“The attitude of gratitude is the highest yoga.” – Yogi Bhajan

Whether you are looking for inner peace or just an excuse for a guided stretch, be pushed with permission in a Vinyasa flow from child’s pose to headstands and everywhere in between.

Beginners and advanced yogis alike will be challenged in this 50-minute, all-levels class, linking breath with movement.

Now, drop and give me Zen.

** Please arrive early with your own yoga mat, water bottle and hand towel to the Boot Camp room.

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