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Member Spotlight: Michael Machado

Member Spotlight: Michael Machado
July 10, 2017 fitnessrangers
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How long have you been attending Barbell Academy?
I’ve been going to barbell for about 8 months.
What made you decide to take our Barbell Academy Class?
Before I became a member, I wanted a chance to experience the classes at FR before committing to a full membership. I enrolled in Mary’s Barbell Academy and Chris’s Bootcamp Academy at the same time and never looked back. I can’t recommend the academies highly enough; the cost is reasonable and six weeks is the perfect amount of time to get a feel for the class and make some serious progress.
What has Barbell Academy Class done for you physically and mentally?
Since starting Mary’s class, I’ve added over 100 pounds to both my Back Squat and Deadlift. The other benefits are less straightforward to quantify but are centered around increased mental toughness, focus and perseverance.
What do you enjoy about Barbell Academy Class at FR?
The culture and atmosphere is so different from any other experience I’ve ever had. Mary has managed to create an environment that is inclusive, approachable and safe while simultaneously being challenging and competitive. There’s also a genuine camaraderie in the class, especially among the folks who’ve been attending together for a while. It’s not unusual to have a few people shouting “UP!” at you while fighting for your last couple of reps.
How has barbell affected your overall fitness? Do you notice a difference when you attend other classes?
It absolutely makes a significant difference, before long you find yourself reaching for a heavier set of dumbbells in Bootcamp or HIIT and feeling confident about it. Another major benefit: I feel less likely to be injured and I think that comes down to marked improvements in confidence, stability and technique. No other class at FR allows for as much 1 on 1 coaching or as many opportunities to ask questions and receive form corrections. The Barbell Academy gives you the chance to create an incredibly solid platform from which to pursue your other athletic/fitness goals.


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