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All Star Ranger – Reeves Family

All Star Ranger – Reeves Family
October 4, 2017 fitnessrangers


Fitness Rangers All-Star Ranger

Reeves Family
Our favorite part about FR is that everyone there, whether that be trainers or members, is a team. We’ve never felt intimated, but in fact, just the opposite. We feel inspired to learn and grow in our own goals and paths towards optimal health, strength, and agility. We’ve gained friends at FR and like to think of our gym as an extension of our family. We’ve been so overwhelmed by the love and kindness that has been expressed and shown to our son! Thank you for providing a secure and caring environment for our little ones! To say that we are appreciative is an understatement.

We have been coming to FR for two years. Our son, Aevry, was just under one years old and we were looking to join a new, local and community-based gym that was close to home and would genuinely challenge us. But of course, we needed childcare! This was a necessity! If we didn’t have a safe place to take our son while we worked out, then we didn’t get to. Thankfully, we stumbled across FR, and we are so glad that we did. Dustin called to inquire about FR’s offerings, and we were sold, and have been hooked since!

Juliet’s Recipe for Success
Staying consistent and keeping your workouts fresh! Finding that balance between maintaining a faithful attendance at the gym and ensuring that I am being challenged fosters results that are longer-lasting that promote my ability to keep at it! Stagnancy is the enemy, so attempting new exercise routines and methods stimulates my personal growth in fitness.

Dustin’s Goals, Favorite Classes, and Personal Training
One year ago I set out to build a foundation of fitness that I could sustain long-term. I wanted to learn how to get stronger and stay active while avoiding injury. I feel I have more than achieved that at FR thanks to the fantastic trainers. Currently, I am working on dynamic movements and mobility. My favorite class is Tuesday 9:30 a.m. Bootcamp with Gabe. Always high energy and Gabe never disappoints on the intensity and workouts that indeed challenge you. Personal training with Gabe has helped in my understanding of fitness and learning the things I need to be successful long-term. It also holds me accountable and keeps me motivated.

What are the Reeves up to when they aren’t at FR?
We love to stay involved in our community any chance we can by visiting farmer’s markets, enjoying East Sac’s beautiful parks, supporting seasonal events, grilling outdoors and trying all of the fabulous restaurants that our State’s Capital has to offer! We are so proud to live in the Farm to Fork Capital! And we LOVE coffee, and Sac does it so well.


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