Testimonial: Samantha Sandoval - Fitness Rangers

Testimonial: Samantha Sandoval

Testimonial: Samantha Sandoval
February 2, 2016 fitnessrangers
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Samantha Sandoval

I have been coming to Fitness Rangers for  over 4 years now. I remember when I first started coming Dana and Adam were in the process of hosting the gym’s Grand Opening. When I started I was 22 with no previous experience in fitness. I was overweight and considering sono-bello or liposuction. I thought to myself “I’m 22! I am way too young to take the easy way out”. I hopped on to Google and searched fitness bootcamps. I scrolled through some  gyms but Fitness Rangers caught my eye and the first class was free, so why not? I grabbed a few friends and we took our first bootcamp. From that day forward I’ve been hooked!

I was a full time student before I got pregnant. Now I am a stay at home mom and will be returning to school soon. For now, my life consists of taking care of my son and going on walks but the gym is my “me place” which is only made possible because of Fitness Rangers’ childcare. I couldn’t be more appreciative of the staff and their willingness to deal with my son almost daily.

I have reached my goals THREE TIMES! My first goal was entering the gym about two years in. My goal was to not only lose weight, but also change my overall lifestyle. In doing so, I dropped to my lowest weight while maintaining a lean body type. My second goal was to maintain a healthy weight and fitness lifestyle while pregnant. During that time I kept my doctors informed and was given the green light to continue my fitness journey and was cleared to pick up boxing with Kito! My third goal was to reach my pre-baby weight….. goal achieved!

Now my newest goal is to get my body toned up before my wedding this September.

It’s hard to pick a favorite class to attend. I work a lot with Adam for personal training and Kito for boxing sessions. They are both incredible and motivating trainers. Whenever I can find some time, I hop into whatever class is available during that time, but I do enjoy bootcamps and HIIT because its a quick 50-minute workout. The great thing about having so many classes in one place is it gives you an opportunity to try new things.

Samantha’s Recipe for success: Bootcamp and Boxing; Personal Training: 2-3x a week; Massage: 2x a month; Nutrition with Scott, Consistency, Good Diet and Great Trainers.




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