Testimonial: Jessie Monnier - Fitness Rangers

Testimonial: Jessie Monnier

Testimonial: Jessie Monnier
June 30, 2016 fitnessrangers

Jessie Monnier

by Fitness Rangers

Today, we’re highlighting Jessie, AKA ‘Air Force’, who has been coming to FR since the very beginning! She has always been one of our biggest supporters! She takes her workouts very seriously and always brings her A-Game!

FR: How long have you been coming to FR? Who got you involved in FR?

JM: I’ve been doing #Bootcamp since the “Old School” days when we’d meet in the parks. I think it has to be around 8 years now! I was invited to Bootcamp by Sue Schaefer. I had stepped away from fitness for a period of time and was looking to bet back in shape. I will forever remember my first Bootcamp with Adam (@adam.attia). I was so exhausted after the workout I don’t recall driving myself home, but I’ve been hooked ever since.

FR: What is your favorite class to take at FR? Why?

JM: I’m partial to the Bootcamps. I love being partnered with people who push me. I love the intensity, the diversity, the music, and of course the energy of our Bootcamp instructors. Sadistically, I think I enjoy hearing Adam yell, “Air Force, dial up that speed on your tread!”

FR: What is your favorite place in the world you have visited?

JM: I was deployed to Germany when I was in the Air Force. During our days off we would take the bullet trains to various places. Of all the great places I was fortunate enough to see, I’d have to say Paris was my favorite. I loved the food (a little too much!), the vibe, and the culture. So much history!

FR: What is your recipe for success?

JM: Lately, I’ve had to adjust my recipe. I’ve previously always been an evening workout person, but my work schedule has become so unpredictable that getting to those evening classes was becoming very challenging. I decided the only way to ensure I’d get my workouts in was to move to morning classes. Morning classes were never something I found appealing, but I really needed to find a reliable time to work out. I’m happy to report I’ve been coming to the 0530 classes for almost a month now and it’s been great! Additionally, with support from several of my fellow FRBC friends, I’m over half way through The #Whole30, and am amazed at how much better I feel! Plus, I have an excuse to drink all the @wholeheartedjuiceco Chocolicious Nut Milks I can get my hands on! Again, Adam was right when he said, “No amount of exercise can cure a bad diet.”

FR: What is a goal that you are currently working towards

JM: Right now my goal is to continue hitting the morning classes at least 4 days per week. I’d also like to sprinkle in 1-2 days of weights to increase my overall strength. Maybe I’ll get really bold and try another Barre class!

FR: What is a quote that you live by?

JM: That’s easy:
“Well behaved women rarely make history.” –Laurel Thatcher Ulrich


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