Testimonial: Elizabeth Guerra - Fitness Rangers

Testimonial: Elizabeth Guerra

Testimonial: Elizabeth Guerra
July 28, 2016 fitnessrangers

Elizabeth Guerra

by Fitness Rangers

My recipe for success is to stay focused, consistent, and continue challenging myself as my level of fitness increases. I have discovered the importance of nutrition along the way and I try my best to stick to a clean diet. I have also incorporated strength training in my routine, which has proven to be very beneficial!

I  have been coming to Fitness Rangers since March of this year. My good friend Daniel Valencia encouraged me to check out a class, so i decided to take Bootcamp. My first class was with Gabe and I was impressed with how welcoming and supportive everyone was at a Fitness Rangers. It was then that I knew I wanted to be a part of the FR community! Since then, I’ve added strength training & personal training into my routine. Overall, the atmosphere & personality that each trainer at Fitness Rangers brings to each class is what I love best! It’s a great way to meet different people and partner with someone new every time. Bootcamp is probably my favorite class to take!

Throughout my fitness journey, the majority of my goals have been based around weight loss and increasing overall health. Fitness Rangers has played a big part in my success. Since joining and adding Bootcamp as a part of my workout regimen, I have lost more than 30 pounds! I am excited to say that I will be hitting my weight loss goal in the next month or so! I am now focusing more attention on working on strength training and form. I have goals of progressing to heavier weight. I am currently working with Megan Turvey and truly enjoy the one on one sessions. She knows how to continue to challenge me and help me progress.

Other than FR, I enjoy indoor spin classes and outdoor running. I have done a handful of marathons which have been great! Outside of the gym I enjoy taking my dog on walks, spending time with my family, and trying out new restaurants in Sacramento with friends.

To anyone looking to take their fitness to the next level, Fitness Rangers offers a great environment to succeed. Find a class that you enjoy and make the commitment to yourself. Your body is capable of more than your mind thinks. THe trainers are always available and make it a priority for everyone to get the most out of the classes and focus on doing things in correct form. Their community is extremely welcoming. Everyone supports and motivates each other no matter what part of your fitness journey you may be on.


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