Testimonial: Sara Lee - Fitness Rangers

Testimonial: Sara Lee

Testimonial: Sara Lee
November 2, 2016 fitnessrangers

“Sara has been committed to her training since the early days at FR! For the past 2 years she has added personal training to her routine twice a week. Rain, shine, or sick kids, she finds a way to get herself here to workout for every appointment. Sara is proof that if you make the time & dedicate yourself to it, you can accomplish pretty much any goal you set!’ – Bobby Best, Personal Trainer 

I started with Fitness Rangers back in the old days of running to the park and sweating at St. Michael’s before the Fitness Rangers gym even opened. I had heard from friends how great it was. I ended up trying one bootcamp and was hooked! I followed Fitness Rangers over to the gym when they opened in East Sac and have been training with FR ever since!

My favorite class at Fitness Rangers is Bootcamp. My favorite instructors are Adam, Bobby, Chris and Gabe. They really push my limits each and every workout. This year, I have lost over 50 pounds largely in part to the great workouts at FR and the support of the trainers. I have also overcome some old sports injuries by Personal Training with Bobby. I now can workout harder and smarter than I have been able to in years! During my time at FR each day I get both a mental and physical workout. The best part is that no matter what else I have going on, a workout at FR always is a positive part of my day and helps me refocus my energy on the great parts of my life.

My recipe for success is consistency. I always make sure that I get to Fitness Rangers at least four days a week, but often times I make it more than that. It’s gotten to the point where I feel ‘off’ if I haven’t gotten some sort of exercise in my day!

Most of my life is focused around my two boys. Colin is 8 and Ryan is 12. They are both extremely active and always involved in multiple sports. Now that I am in better shape its so great to be able to run around with them and spend time together being active. This year we’ve gone zip lining, completed a ropes course, gone jet skiing and traveled Europe. Life has been very enjoyable! I am truly thankful and grateful for the FR team and what they have done to help me mentally and physically over the years! Hoorah!


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