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All Star Ranger – Tim

All Star Ranger – Tim
March 2, 2017 fitnessrangers

“In 5 short weeks Tim has lost over 10 pounds by implementing the following routine: Metabolic Conditioning 2x a week, Strength Training 2x a week, and 2-3 days of sustained cardio. Tim is one of the hardest working, dedicated and most consistent members at FR. He brings his ”A” game to each and every workout.” – Adam Attia

So honestly I didn’t really take on too fast to the idea of the early FRBC days. I used to see Adam and the crew yelling at people in the park and at the time I was Sac State’s conditioning coach for the tennis teams. I was a tough trainer at the time with an ego and as I watched the following grow and grow their success was undeniable.

It wasn’t until years later I met Adam Attia where he shattered every doubt, stereotype, or judgement I had about the gym. I realized I was so wrong after I went to Fitness Rangers for the first time and experienced the family, culture, and team of members all trying to make themselves better. I used to think FR wasn’t for everyone and now I firmly believe it is!

Fitness is incredibly important to me because I have a mind that constantly races. I used to slow it down with alcohol and that didn’t work out to well. I’ve always enjoyed the endorphins and the competition of making myself a better person than I was yesterday. I’ve seen some incredible results from my consistent workouts.

Adam clearly inspires me and I’m not just kissing up so he’ll make my workouts easier. He’s the best at getting the absolute most out of me. We are best buds but when that clock starts Adam is my coach and he really pushes me. Those workouts are the hardest thing I do all week and I know I can handle anything in business and other areas of my life.

In addition to working with Adam a couple of times a week I also work strength with Heather. She is a technical guru and has taught me with consistent strength conditioning how to become stronger. She’s an incredible human being.

My workout partner, Ellie Jane, the other members and definitely the instructors all inspire me. I love struggling together to get where we need to be. When I want to quit they keep me going. Aside from the workouts I have developed some incredible relationships that I would have never found without FR.

My schedule is often insane with art and real estate but I will say working out is a priority in my life and always will be. The relationships built  keep me coming back let alone the physical benefits. I’m proud to call myself a Fitness Ranger and my only regret is not coming sooner!

I’ve seen every type of person get better and I’m the type of person that has to see results from others to buy in.


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