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The Best Strength Blog 2017: Cycle 3

The Best Strength Blog 2017: Cycle 3
March 7, 2017 fitnessrangers

Strength Training

by Robert Best

DISCLAIMER: If you haven’t tried any of our previous cycles, click here.

Do you want to start working out but don’t know where to start? Do you already work out and want to push your training to the next level? Well then you have come to the right place. This blog will be dedicated to giving you a simple yet affective training program to train your strength ability in a quick and efficient workout. If you have ever wanted to try strength training but didn’t know how to use it or if you have been working out for a while and want change up your day-to-day routine to break a plateau, then it might behove you to at least keep reading, and maybe even try the first few workouts to see how it compliments or helps build your workout routine.

The benefits of strength training include:

  • Increases the ease in which you do all your daily activities
  • Raises your average metabolic rate
  • Increase the calories burned in other workouts
  • Strengthens the joints, bones, and muscles to decrease injury risk

The strength workouts in this program were designed from some of the simplest yet most effective strength programs used by athletes and average Joes alike, because they work. Each workout has a first lift (the most important) and your goal is to increase the weight in these lifts. Every set in these exercises is meant to get a little heavier every set, every week. Then in a few weeks time, you will see how strong you are for these lifts, and gauge your improvement. Every day has two other exercises you will do to help work the other muscles of the body. With all three workouts done over the course of the week, you will push every muscle in your body to it’s limit, forcing it and you to get stronger every week.

The key to the workouts:

  • Keep track of your weights for every set for every day (especially the ones with percentages)
  • Take at least one day off in between every day
  • Listen to your body, if a certain exercise hurts or doesn’t feel right, keep it out, and seek guidance on form before continuing
  • Only do reps that have good form, don’t do a lift with bad form just to lift (safety first!)

We will be updating this post weekly! So revisit this page to get all the weekly routine updates!

Week 1 (Video Demonstration)

The percentages are the percent of your one rep max that you should do for each set (I.g. After warming up for 2 sets of 5, your next set would be 75% of your max, the next at 80%, and the last set at 85%. So if you had a max of 100lb, you would do a set of 75lb, then 80lb, then at 85lb)

Day 1

  • Squats 2×5 (Warm Up) 5 (75%) 5 (80%) 5 (85%)
  • Single Leg Hip Bridge 3×8 Each Leg
  • Single Arm Cable Row 3×8 Each Arm

Day 2

  • Dumbbell Overhead Press 2×5 (warm up) 5 (75%) 5 (80%) 5 (85%)
  • Single Arm Kettlebell Swing 3×10 Each Arm
  • Single Leg Drop Back Squats 3×6 Each Leg

Day 3

  • Seated Deadlifts 2×5 (Warm Up) 5 (75%) 5 (80%) 5 (85%)
  • Single Arm DB Bench 3×6 Each Arm
  • Single Arm Pull Down 3×8 Each Arm


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