Member Spotlight: Elizabeth Guerra - Fitness Rangers

Member Spotlight: Elizabeth Guerra

Member Spotlight: Elizabeth Guerra
July 19, 2017 fitnessrangers

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 9.31.58 AMHow long have you been attending Barbell Academy?
I have been attending the Barbell Academy since September of 2016!

What made you decide to take our Barbell Academy Class?
I decided to start going to Barbell Academy per recommendation from Mary Peck, since I was training privately with her and wanted to lift twice a week to remain consistent in building strength.

What has Barbell Academy Class done for you physical and mentally? 
Barbell Academy has definitely helped me build strength in both my lower and upper body. It has also taught me mental strength as well, you have to be patient and the weights never lie. Lifting has helped me build strength but maintain my body weight. When I started I could barely squat 80lbs and my current one rep max is 225lbs.

What do you enjoy about Barbell Academy Class at FR?
The Barbell Academy is different than any other group fitness I have participated in. You hold yourself accountable and are competing against yourself. Lifting with a barbell can be intimidating especially with risk for injury. The academy is a safe environment for all levels to work towards a common goal of getting stronger!

How has barbell affected fitness in other aspects, do you notice difference when you do bootcamps HIIT etc?
Barbell Academy has definitely effected me in a positive way outside of class. When I am taking bootcamp or HIIT I am more confident when strength exercises are implemented such as deadlifts, squats, and cleans. I understand the importance of proper form and the muscle groups I am working on a whole new level.


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