Member Testimonial - Reyna Sorauf - Fitness Rangers

Member Testimonial – Reyna Sorauf

Member Testimonial – Reyna Sorauf
August 4, 2017 fitnessrangers


Q: How long have you been attending Barbell Academy?
R: I started attending Barbell Academy in the Fall of 2016.

Q: What made you decide to take our Barbell Academy Class?
R: I really wanted to improve my overall strength. I started lifting weights at a Crossfit Gym and was able to improve my overall fitness, but I did not see the gains I wanted in strength training. After one session of Barbell Academy, I quit my old gym to join Fitness Rangers full time.

Q: What has Barbell Academy Class done for you physically and mentally?
R: I was able to surpass my old one rep maxes, which I have been stuck at for years, within 2 Barbell Academy sessions. I am continuously improving and reaching goals I never thought I would reach. However, the real improvements have come with the mental gains. Mary has given me so much confidence in my abilities and has helped me through many mental roadblocks. Having Mary give me a pep talk before attempting a PR is the best motivation.

Q: What do you enjoy about Barbell Academy Class at FR?
R: Aside from the physical and mental improvements I enjoy from Barbell Academy, I also benefit from the sense of community I get from the class. Having support from not only the coach but from other members has been so encouraging and motivating.

Q: How has barbell affected fitness in other aspects, do you notice a difference when you do boot camps, HIIT, and etc?
R: Improving my overall strength in Barbell has helped all aspects of my fitness and life in general. I find myself grabbing heavier weights in boot camp and HIIT than I’d ever thought I could use before. The class has boosted my confidence in and out of the gym.


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