Hero Highlight - Vincent Purcell - Fitness Rangers

Hero Highlight – Vincent Purcell

Hero Highlight – Vincent Purcell
December 5, 2017 fitnessrangers


Meet Vince, a local firefighter, and hero, who has been coming to Fitness Rangers since we opened. Vince says he has a responsibility to the public to stay physically fit and he does so with Boot Camp and RxFit at Fitness Rangers. Learn more about his recipe for success and more below.

Q: What is your recipe for success?
A: The recipe that has made me feel my best is just doing a little every day. That usually means signing up for Bootcamp or RxFit, but sometimes that “little” is taking a day off for active recovery.

At times it’s hard to fit in a workout with 3 little kids, a house, an atypical work schedule, and hobbies that I also love to do, but FR makes it as easy as a gym can. They take the work out of working out. All I have to do is show up at 1 of the 8 or so classes they have every day and my workout is already scheduled for me.
The hardest part is showing up, but once I do the rest just happens. The instructors have an awesome workout written up and they have a way of providing that extra push that gets you working a little harder than you think you can. I usually hate them a little when they’re “motivating me”, but I’m always thankful that they do.

Q: How long have you been coming to FR? What/Who got you involved in FR?
A: I’ve been coming to FR on and off since they opened several years ago, but have started coming regularly this last year. It started out as a bet/New Year’s Resolution. All of us at the fire station made a bet to see who could lose the most weight by April 1st. I started out pretty sure that I would not come out ahead in this one since I’m not the youngest one at the station. I was also starting out at a decent spot. I didn’t think I had that much room to improve. Man, was I wrong. Not only did I lose more bad weight than I thought I could, I started putting on more good weight than I ever had before.

Q: What kind of activities do you participate in outside of FR?
A: FR isn’t the only thing I do to stay fit and healthy. I’ve rock climbed a lot in the past, less now that I have 3 little kids to hold onto, but still tie into the sharp end of the rope as often as life will allow. FR is a big part of helping me stay fit enough to go jump on a rock and be able to climb hard enough to have fun. I also love to cycle, mainly mountain bike, but cyclocross and road are also an outstanding way to get out and have fun. If it’s got 2 wheels and pedals I’ll give it a shot. Actually, FR is the best training for CX that I’ve found because the time duration and intensity of races mimic that of Bootcamp. They both try and turn you inside out for about an hour and somehow leave you looking forward to next time.

I’m a firefighter and have a responsibility to the public to stay physically fit and ready to respond to any type of emergency. The guys at work love it when I take the basics of a BC workout, put it on the board and “coach” them through a workout once a week. Not only is it a way for me to torture my co-workers, we also build teamwork and stay fit together.

Q: What goals have you achieved? What goals are you currently working on?
A: Today, I’m competitive with those that are 10 years younger. I feel stronger and healthier than when I was 10 years younger. My next goal is to take off another 5 years so I feel like I am 25. You’re only as old as you feel and FR is a big part of me feeling way younger than I am.

Q: Favorite classes to attend?
A: My favorite class is definitely Bootcamp, but a close second place is RxFit. There’s no better workout in Sacramento. The combination of the best instructors/trainers in town and the tried and true format they follow makes for a consistently awesome workout that I always walk away from feeling better than when I walked in. Ropes + Straps and PureRide are on my list of classes to try out in the near future.


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