Member Spotlight - Ivy Ridderbusch - Fitness Rangers

Member Spotlight – Ivy Ridderbusch

Member Spotlight – Ivy Ridderbusch
April 18, 2018 fitnessrangers

Member Spotlight – Ivy Ridderbusch

1. What is your recipe for success?

Success comes easy at Fitness Rangers if you just consistently show up to class. The recipe for success is already provided with an expert team of trainers and staff who create new and challenging workouts daily, and who bring the music and motivation to get you through a variety of different exercises and classes.

2. How long have you been coming to FR? What/Who got you involved in FR?

I have had four wrist surgeries and thought I would never be able to participate in a boot camp style class (I can’t even do a regular push-up), but my friend and FR cycle instructor Angela Pontes encouraged me to try an FR boot camp academy last fall despite my hesitation of needing modifications for my injured wrists. The instructors went, and continue to go, above and beyond to provide alternative exercises for me to be able to fully participate in all styles of classes—I can even attend RX Fit, Barre, and Ropes & Straps without ever having to sit out on the sidelines like I have been accustomed to in the past. I can’t thank instructors like Trevor and Samm enough for going out of their way to provide those modifications!

4. What goals have you achieved? What goals are you currently working on?

I have never been athletic so initially, the thought of trying anything at FR for the first time was daunting. My first goal was just to make it through a FR boot camp academy in one piece, but once I finished the first class I knew I was addicted! The staff, trainers and other members are so kind and encouraging that you feel as though you are all one team. Now I am trying to lift heavier weights, trying new classes that I would have never had the confidence to try before, and continuing to lose weight.

5. Favorite class to attend?

I always look forward to FR cycle with Angela and boot camp with Trevor and Claire.


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