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Strength Blog Cycle 5 Week 2

Strength Blog Cycle 5 Week 2
May 23, 2017 fitnessrangers
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Day 1
Box Squat
Warm Up 2×5 (60%, 65%) 3 (80%) 3 (85%) 3 (90%)
Lunges 4×6 each
Rows 4×8

Day 2
Single Arm Overhead Press
Warm Up 2×5 (60%, 65%) 3 (80%) 3 (85%) 3 (90%)
Leg Curls 4×6
KB Swing 4×10

Day 3
Single Arm Deadlift
Warm Up 2×5 (60%, 65%) 3 (80%) 3 (85%) 3 (90%)
Push Up 4×6
Pull Down 4×8

This is the second week of our cycle of The Best Strength Blog. If you’re new, this is a blog where you can follow a series of 3 workouts a week for a month. This will help increase your maximum your functional strength abilities to help your day to day quality of life and overall fitness.

The percentages after each of the first lifts for each day are the percent of your one rep max that you should do for each set. For example, after warming up for 2 sets of 5 your next set would be 75% of your max, the next at 80% and then the last at 85%. So if you had a max of 100lb you would do a set of 75lb, then 80lb and then 85lb.

If you do not know your max, pick a weight that challenges you at an 8-9 on a difficulty scale of 1-10. Keep track of these numbers so you can monitor your progress.

The following exercises are an accessory to the main lift to give you a full body routine. You want to pick a weight that makes you decently tired after each set (somewhere between a 6-9 on a scale of 1-10 difficulty). You can superset those exercises for a more aerobic workout or just take full rests so you can go heavier and focus on strength. Make sure to use the correct form, use the video as a guide so you don’t hurt yourself. Be safe, have fun and BE STRONG!

Can see the video below? Click here.


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