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Natural Fighters

Natural Fighters
October 5, 2015 fitnessrangers
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Natural Fighters

by Scott Estrada

In an effort to keep healthy people healthy and the not-so-healthy climbing up the ladder out of symptom-ville we must be proactive in regards to our immunity and not wait for things to sideline us from our active, healthy, fun lifestyles.

Long before the use of anti-biotics reached all-time high in our world people used food as medicine and a trusted way to prevent infections and build strong immunity. The time is now to be more mindful of using as many food/herbs as we can to strengthen our body’s ecology and become a “no host environment” for harmful bacteria and microbes to set up shop inside us wreak havoc.

The list below highlights some bright stars within reach that we can use contributing to a stronger defense, keeping us in the game of life at a high level pursuing our passions.

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
This enzyme rich tonic contains properties that by nature are both anti-biotic and antiseptic in their actions. ACV supports an alkaline Ph level and aids in digestion- use on veggies, salads or drink daily with lemon water in a shot o’ health!

Oregano Oil
A powerful compound that works against infection causing bacteria. Carvacrol, the oil in the herb oregano has been widely used to prevent digestive infections and keeping bad microbe levels in check.

Look for the oil in small vials and add a few drops under your tongue or add to soups, broths for more immune building power.

Raw Honey
A natural anti-microbial, raw honey is enzyme rich and a wonderful way to boost immunity by taking small amounts weekly. Hydrogen peroxide is released from an enzyme in honey that helps to fight off infection, source raw, local brands to ensure high quality.

This deep hued root of oranges, golds and yellows contain some of the most potent immune boosting compounds around. Curcumin, the active component of the root, is being praised for its anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory powers, something the people of India have known for centuries. Use in soups, curry dishes, smoothies and tonic juice blends. TIP: add a small amount of black pepper for optimal absorption.

Garlic contains allicin, a germ fighting compound to help against colds, infections, parasites and yeasts infections. Use both raw and cooked in many recipes to boost immunity, circulation and heart health.

Grapefruit Seed Extract
GSE has been found to be an effective fighter against many forms of bacteria, viruses, parasites and funguses. High in anti-oxidants, alkalizing compounds and digestive aids this easy to find extract packs a punch and boosts immunity- a great travel companion when logging in the miles on the road. Add to your water intake or directly under the tongue.

Coconut Oil
Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-viral by nature coconut oil has finally emerged into the mainstream with people using it for cooking oil to smoothies to topical treatments with solid benefit across the board. Truly a gift from nature as a versatile healthy fat source that supports thyroid function, proper blood sugar and blood-lipid levels, brain-nerve function and immune building!

Fermented Foods
From artisan sauerkrauts to Kvass (fermented veggie juice), to kefirs and beyond these probiotic rich items have made a full comeback and the timing couldn’t be better! These wonderfully tangy foods feed our gut with much needed good bacteria that keep levels in check, help digestion and boost circulation and B vitamins for energy!

One of my favorite products for overall immune boosting power and full system defense against bad microbes that want to attack is the little gem in the dark amber bottle called:

Kung Fu Tonic
The creators from So Cal are surfers, yogis and all around grounded people that bring only the best sourced organic ingredients blended together with the pure intent of deeply nourishing your immune system delivering sound protection while globe-trotting to the next adventure keeping you in the game!

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (CA)
Heirloom Garlic (CA)
Organic Onion (CA)
Organic Ginger (HI)
Organic Horseradish (CA)
Organic Cayenne Pepper (CA)
Sea Salt (UT)
Oregano Oil (NM)

Don’t wait until another day to begin boosting your defenses, and share these tools with your families to stay on the prevention side on the fence! Enjoy the ride everyone!

For info on this or other health-promoting protocols contact Scott Estrada directly at [email protected]


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