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And The BEET Goes ON!

And The BEET Goes ON!
November 10, 2015 fitnessrangers
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And The BEET Goes ON!

by Scott Estrada

More and more I see people with their mason jars of liquid nourishment in hand as they dash around with evidence of a well-blended concoction to fuel their journey- juices, smoothies, mostly a shade of greenish, recently the red root of choice is gaining some speed and its merits are real.

Beet root is gaining popularity is the performance circles for boosting endurance. Beets contain a very high level of nitrate which is converted to nitrite then into nitric oxide by the body very quickly. For the athlete looking to gain an edge this means two things: first, the blood vessels dilate to allow more oxygen rich blood to pump and second, the main engine of the cell, mitochondria, seem to work more efficiently outputting the same energy on less oxygen. It’s a win-win. More oxygen rich fuel pumping more efficiently with a motor that needs less to achieve a higher output. This explains why beets have a positive effect on helping to lower blood pressure.


Beets are rich in the enzyme betaine which deeply nourishes and strengthens the liver and gall bladder. Dr. Norman Walker, the late pioneer in the field of fresh pressed raw juices, knew of the power of drinking raw beet juice daily. He believed unique compounds found in beets could keep the liver cleaner and helped it to deal with the toxic load of modern living. His long life past 105 years showed us what is possible with a healthy lifestyle and the use of plants like beets to extend longevity.

High in iron, folate, potassium and Vitamin A make beets a powerhouse of nutrients, especially for anyone dealing with anemia of any degree. Here in Sacramento Ca, I helped to create a premier col-pressed organic juice company; we have a popular blend called Transformation, combining, beets with kale, celery, lemon, ginger and a splash of orange. This has a great cleansing effect and we tell people to think of beets as a blood and liver tonic. Beets are best eaten raw, juiced or lightly cooked. Too much heat and the nourishing elements are lost.

New companies are offering beet root concentrates in small bottles to “shoot” the equivalent of 3-4 beets into your system for enhancing performance. Look for the cleaner, certified organic sources to steer clear of chemical loads. Red Ace is a company leading the way with these convenient shots that can be a great option while on the road or traveling.

Take away: Beets and the beet greens tops are a sound choice for a healthy lifestyle supporting strong circulation, increased brain activity, improved performance, cellular protection and longevity. Use these red earthy roots on your next long paddle or short sprint workout and enjoy the effects of using nature’s pharmacy!

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