Strength Blog Week 4, Cycle 4 - Fitness Rangers

Strength Blog Week 4, Cycle 4

Strength Blog Week 4, Cycle 4
May 4, 2017 fitnessrangers
Day 1
Main Lift
Split squat 2×5 (warm up) 5 (60%) 5 (65%) 5 (70%)
Accessory Lifts
Inverted Row 2×20
Single leg hamstring curl 2×12-20 each
Day 2
Main Lift
Single arm seated press 2×5 (warm up) 5 (60%) 5 (65%) 5 (70%)
Accessory Lifts
Dumbbell clean 2×12-18 each
Pikes 2×12-20
Day 3
Main Lift
Hip press 2×5 2×5 (warm up) 5 (60%) 5 (65%) 5 (70%)
Accessory Lifts
Jumping pull up 2×12-20
Single arm cable press 2×12-16 each

Hello Everyone!

This is the final week for this cycle of the Best Strength Blog. This week is a little different as far as intensity and volume. Each of the main lifts should be done with an intensity of 60% to 70% (or about 6 out of 10 in regards to difficulty). The accessory lifts will all be done for only 2 sets but double the normal repetitions. When you do the repetitions for the accessory lifts you will want to do them with lighter weights and to the point where you can feel your muscles working but not to the point of complete failure. Remember, this week is meant to help you reset after a hard 3 weeks of lifting, and to get you ready for next month’s cycle. GOOD LUCK AND BE STRONG!

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