Member Spotlight - Mike Sullivan - Fitness Rangers

Member Spotlight – Mike Sullivan

Member Spotlight – Mike Sullivan
February 9, 2018 fitnessrangers

Member Testmonial – Mike Sullivan

1.   What keeps you coming back to FR after all these years?

It’s not just one thing…  I like the variety – no class is ever the same and we are never doing the same thing for very long.  The classes keep my attention and I never get bored.  Also, the instructors are great.  They constantly motivate me, they are far more knowledgeable than trainers I have encountered at other gyms, and they work around my limitations while pushing my limits.  Also, the members are great.

2.   What’s your recipe for success? What classes do you love to take?

My recipe for success is to find something that works, stick to it, challenge myself, and always improve.  My favorite classes are bootcamp and RxFit.  Fifty minutes of bootcamp flies by – it usually seems like I’ve been in there for twenty minutes and all of a sudden the instructor yells Hoorah! and we’re done.  RxFit is a challenge for me and I enjoy the somewhat slower pace and the focus on form.

3.   When you’re not at FR, where can we find you in Sacramento?

When I’m not at FR, you can find me hanging out with friends and family in Land Park, enjoying a beer at Track 7, or shuttling my kid to his Walbeck Baseball Academy travel baseball practices and games.


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