Strength Blog Cycle 3, Week 3 - Fitness Rangers

Strength Blog Cycle 3, Week 3

Strength Blog Cycle 3, Week 3
April 18, 2017 fitnessrangers
Day 1
Main Lift
Split squat 2×5 (warm up) 5 (75%) 3 (85%) 1-5 (95%)
Accessory Lifts
Inverted Row 4×10
Single leg hamstring curl 4×6-10 each
Day 2
Main Lift
Single arm seated press 2×5 (warm up) 5 (75%) 3 (85%) 1-5 (95%)
Accessory Lifts
Dumbbell clean 4×6-8 each
Pikes 4×6-10
Day 3
Main Lift
Hip press 2×5 (warm up) 5 (75%) 3 (85%) 1-5 (95%)
Accessory Lifts
Jumping pull up 4×6-10
Single arm cable press 4×6-8 each

HOORAH, Everybody! It’s the third week of the Best Strength Blog, which means that it’s max week! What does max week mean? It means this week you are going to try to find a 1-5 repetition maximum effort lift for your main lifts. This also means that the volume on all of your accessory lifts is going to be extremely high, so be prepared! For your accessory lifts try and move at least as much weight as you did during your first two weeks of the workout program (if not more!). On your maximum effort attempts, please workout with a partner to spot you for safety. Good luck and be strong!

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