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Member Testimonial – Dona Cantu

Member Testimonial – Dona Cantu
August 23, 2017 fitnessrangers



Q: How long have you been attending Barbell Academy?
D: I am coming up on my year celebration of training under the Barbell Academy.

Q:What made you decide to take our Barbell Academy Class?
D: I was on another membership which allowed me to try different gyms and different classes. Immediately after my first bootcamp class I knew this was the gym I had been searching for. Once I saw that there would be a class hyper focused on strength training I was sold. I have been self training in powerlifting (very dangerous and ineffective) and eager to find a trainer/class that could help me correct my form and slowly train my body to gain the strength I was looking for.

Q: What has Barbell Academy Class done for you physical and mentally?
D: My body has changed composition so much over the past year. With a continuously building program, I can feel my muscles grow with it. My core continues to tighten and the definition in my shoulders and back is slowly coming in. I have always wanted to trim fat and now realizing the muscles burn the fat.

Q: What do you enjoy about Barbell Academy Class at FR?
D:I really enjoy the community of Barbell Class and watching myself and everyone grow with each class. We get to encourage each other and really grow in ourselves having the encouragement of others.

Q: How has barbell affected fitness in other aspects, do you notice difference when you do Bootcamps HIIT etc?
A: When I used to train on my own, every time I walked into the gym, I would attempt a simple chin up. Never have I been successful in doing multiple chin ups and I just couldn’t figure out why this simple exercise was so difficult. Now with the training I can complete multiple sets of chin ups and working towards more! I’ve noticed in all other facets of fitness that I’ve been able to progress much quicker and with more ease.


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