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Trainer Spotlight – Brian Luu

Trainer Spotlight – Brian Luu
April 23, 2018 fitnessrangers

Trainer Spotlight with Brian Luu

Q: What are your current fitness goals?

B: My goals are to stay active, celebrate my body’s abilities and to keep doing different things.  Together, achieving these goes help me work towards my ultimate goal of maintaining a positive relationship with my body.

Q: Where can we find you when you’re not at Fitness Rangers? 

B: I’m either at my day job up at UC Davis, having a meal with friends, napping in my apartment or working out/teaching at one of the other fitness studios I’m at in Sacramento.

Q: Finish the sentence: “A day without exercise is a day…”  

B:A day without exercise is a day…of rest, which is valuable and not to be ashamed of.  I mean, yes, I totally support keeping our bodies active.  However, our bodies need to be replenished and cared for in a different way too.  So, take those rest days!  You deserve it!

Q: What does balance mean to you? 

B:In regards to life balance, to me, it’s a journey.  It’s a practice, not a destination.  We are all so busy, and we all give so much.  I would say in general, to me, balance starts with recognizing what our priorities are (i.e. self-care, work, family, etc.), and making the decision in terms of what can fit on our plates.  And from there, we adjust to make it work in the most HEALTHY way possible, while keeping an open mind to make changes when necessary.


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