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Fitness Rangers All Star Ranger – The King Family

Fitness Rangers All Star Ranger – The King Family
August 21, 2018 fitnessrangers


Fitness Rangers All-Star Ranger!

The King Family

The King family have been working out with us at Fitness Rangers since day 1. Kris & Veronica started with us back in 2012 & their kids started training with us just a few years ago. While they all have different fitness goals, they all seem to have a similar work ethic and make sure to put exercise and staying in shape at the top of their list. Veronica stays in shape by always making sure to keep a routine that she can execute each week. This holds her accountable and allows her to schedule her workouts. She started coming to Fitness Rangers when we opened. Other than coming to the gym to workout she enjoys spending time with her family and walking outside with her dogs. Since starting our program she has lowered her body fat and increased her muscle. She looks forward to training with our trainers and working more on strength. Her favorite classes to attend are bootcamp & cycle. Kris takes fitness very seriously. You can find him working out most mornings at 530am. His recipe for success is focusing on “Whats Important Now.” He applies this concept to many parts of his life, including fitness. His only goal is to make it to Fitness Rangers 5x per week, every week. Other than working out at FR Kris enjoys traveling, golf and watching movies!

Veronica & Kris have 2 sons who also attend Fitness Rangers. They have both interned here at FR over the years and have made many athletic achievements while being a part of the FR Family. Isiah, who is eldest strives to be the best version of himself each and every day. He has created many great friendships over the years with the staff and members and enjoys running, playing basketball and dancing. He played D-1 sports throughout college and is currently attending the University of San Diego.

Elias, the younger of the two has been working out with Fitness Rangers since he was in 8th grade when his AAU team trained here. He works hard to follow in his brother’s footsteps. Elias finished his senior season as one of the top basketball players in the area at Jesuit High School. He looks forward to playing at the collegiate level.

We are so excited to have this wonderful family as part of the Fitness Rangers fam. It is amazing how dedicated all 4 of them are to fitness and achieving their own goals! It has been awesome watching the kids grow up and we have appreciated all the help that they have given us over the years. Hoorah!


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